Beetle Control

beetles on leaf

Beetle Facts

Beetles are the largest order of insects with over a quarter million different species of beetles in the world. During their life-cycle beetles go through four stages; eggs, larva, pupa and adult. As larva beetles look similar to maggots or caterpillars and are easily misidentified. They feed on plants, small insects, and fibers causing damage to yards, clothing, and even wooden structures.

beetle with larva

Beetle Treatment

There are three major groups of beetles that trouble people in their homes: food product beetles, wood-destroying beetles and fabric-infesting beetles. Each type of beetle poses a different problem and while the specific treatment procedures and methods may vary based on the specific diet and habitat of the pest, all can be addressed by the implementation of an effective and efficient comprehensive integrated pest management program. If you are seeing an unusual amount of beetles or signs of their presence in your home or business schedule a free inspection to have a pest management professional identify and treat the issue.

Beetle Prevention

You can prevent beetles from invading your home by using a number of methods:
  • Toss out food that has been contaminated with beetle larva and keep dry foods tightly sealed in containers.
  • Inspect furniture and fabrics before bringing them into your home for signs of damage or insects.
  • Keep firewood away from the home to avoid attracting insects to the structure of your house.
Wood destroying beetles
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