In overgrown areas where bushes and shrubs dominate the landscape with thick ground cover and other foliage rats propagate with little deterrence from natural predators due to the abundance of shelter and hiding spaces. Fields, empty lots, or even unattended to back yards can easily develop into rat havens surprisingly quickly especially here in Northern California where the weather makes for great growing conditions nearly all year round.

To combat this natural overgrowth some have turned to goats as an ingenious solution to literally weed out rats from their protective hiding space. Goats are capable of eating most plants all the way down to the roots, making it near impossible for rats and mice to hide in their presence. Of course diligent lawn maintenance can accomplish the same effect, but in areas where that task may be to big or costly goats are eager and ready to take on the job.

Additionally goats make great pets and are generally easygoing around humans. Female goats are capable of making a tremendous amount of milk that, just like cow’s milk, is perfectly suitable for human consumption and makes exquisite cheese. If you are not offended by eating meat, goats are closely related to lamb and can be quite delicious, however if you plan to eat a free range goat to improve their flavor it is best to monitor what they eat enough to know they haven’t been consuming trash (because they will).

Rodents on the other hand carry a variety of diseases that can be extremely harmful and potentially fatal to humans. They can cause significant property damage to your home, especially to insulation and electric wiring, which can lead to fire or other costly repairs. With increased rodent populations follows other larger predators such as raccoons, possums, and snakes which introduce even greater threats to your health and wellbeing.

Ultimately to prevent and eliminate rodent infestation it is best to follow the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management by conditioning your environment to be less conducive to the pests you want to avoid. Maintain your yard to eliminate hiding spaces, clean of food sources such as fallen fruit or garbage, and introduce other elements such as goats or pesticides that work as deterrents to keep pests from approaching your home.

If you are experiencing an increase in rodent activity or would simply like to keep your home safe from any potential pests, contact Fast Action Pest Control for a free professional inspection for a quick response and fast results!