Mosquito Control

Mosquito sucking blood

Mosquito Facts

These annoying warm weather pest fly though the air and their tiny size can make them very hard to see. When they land they feed on blood and leave itchy welts on the site of their bite. If this weren’t bad enough, mosquitoes are also capable of transmitting many unpleasant diseases, some of which are potentially life threatening. World-wide, mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other pest.

Mosquito Diseases

West Nile Virus
Yellow Fever
Zika Virus

Mosquito larva swimming

Mosquito Treatment

Treating for mosquitoes requires an understanding of their life-cycle and behaviors. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water and when they hatch they live for the majority of their life as wriggling larva in these shallow pools. Once fully mature they form a pupa from which a flying mosquito will emerge that will quickly find a mate and begin feeding on blood in order to lay eggs and start this cycle all over again. The first step to breaking this cycle is to eliminate any sources of standing water around your house so mosquitoes don’t have anywhere to lay their eggs and reproduce. The next step is to treat plants and other areas where mosquitoes hide during the day. The leaves within shrubs and bushes accumulate moisture which can form tiny pools of water where mosquito hatchlings develop undisturbed. Fast Action Pest Control is one of the few companies in the Sacramento area equipped with mosquito targeting misters that treat deep inside bushes and other areas where mosquitoes hide and lay their eggs. If you are concerned about mosquitoes and want to secure your home from uninvited guests schedule a Fast Action Pest Control technician for a free inspection.

Mosquito Prevention

You can prevent mosquitoes from invading your home by using a number of methods:
  • Empty out all standing water around your home or lawn.
  • Clean gutters regularly to avoid trapping water.
  • If you have a pond keep fish such as guppies or minnows to eat mosquito larva.
Mosquitoes in Sacramento
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