Silverfish Control

Silverfish in Sacramento

Silverfish  Facts

Silverfish are adaptable scavengers that hide during they day and come out at night. These tiny silver insects are not fish at all, though they are attracted to moisture and enjoy humid environments. Hiding in wall voids, in cracks of the floor or attic, or in furniture, silverfish eat paper, linen, tissues, as well as dead insects. Silverfish can go weeks without eating and when starved they have even been known to eat themselves.

Silverfish on rug

Silverfish Treatment

Silverfish ate my homework! These pesky little critters are notorious for destroying paper, including wallpaper and books. Treating for silverfish requires preparation to insure that their hiding places and source of food is dealt with. All low level cupboards, drawers, and storage areas should be emptied in preparation for treatment as well as closets and dressers. Cracks and crevices as well as other potential hiding places will also be treated to ensure that the silverfish have no place to retreat. It is important that the silverfish come in contact with the residual treatment in order for it to have effect. Since they are unable to fly, treating the ground and other low accessible areas should be the primary focus.

Silverfish Prevention


You can prevent silverfish from entering your home by using a number of methods:
  • Clean up lose debris
  • Dust and vacuum often
  • Seal any tiny cracks around doors or windows
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