Spider Control

Black widow spider in Sacramento

Spider Facts

Most spiders prefer to hide in corners or other dark places where they cast their webs and wait to capture unsuspecting insects that cross their path. Because of their reclusive habits spiders don’t often pose much of a threat to people as they inhabit places we don’t often inspect. There are some spiders however that use an alternate strategy of prowling for food at night and this often leads to more frequent unpleasant encounters.

Local Spiders

Black widow
Cellar spider
Wolf spider
Yellow sac spider

Spider with eggs on back

Spider Treatment

Expert spider treatment can be broken down primarily into three parts: Location, elimination, and exclusion. Our profession pest control technicians are trained to seek out all of the usual hiding places that spiders like black widows like to use, then utilize the latest methods to remove the spiders and their webs. Once the spiders are gone it’s time to treat the home inside and out to keep it safe from re-infestation.

Spider Prevention

You can prevent spiders from entering your home by using a number of methods:
  • Make sure doors and window screens are sealed tight as spiders often enter through small cracks leading outside.
  • Inspect boxes and new furniture coming in from outside as spiders may be hiding and carried inside.
Spiders Sacramento
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