Tick bites are absolutely awful. When these tiny pests crawl up your skin and bury their head deep into your flesh you feel panicked and violated. Not only do these terrible pests suck your blood, but they carry illness such as lime diseases that can cause serious harm. When you see one biting you the first instinct is to immediately brush them off, but this is the wrong approach because it can cause their body to fall off leaving the head lodged in your skin to get infected. The best way to remove a tick is with tweezers, grab down deep around the base of the neck and pinch then pull straight upwards. This gives you the best chance of removing the tick intact.

Hopefully you didn’t have a tick on you when you got started reading but just in case now lets proceed.

The Brown Dog Tick is among the worst offenders of all ticks in Sacramento. This invasive species is the only tick in California that reproduces indoors and thus can live out its entire life cycle without ever leaving your home. When brown dog ticks become an infestation it is a real nightmare that can cause people to take seriously drastic action, sometimes even getting rid of their dogs in the hope of solving the problem.

The struggle is made even worse as many Brown Dog Ticks have grown resistant to flea and tick medication used on pets like dogs and cats. Pesticides with permethrin will not control the Brown Dog Tick. The chemical fipronil should work in most situations, but owners should watch for loss of activity of the chemical, such as ticks that appear to be alive and swelling within the month after treatment. With the right strategy and appropriate application of pesticides Brown Dog Ticks can absolutely be managed and eliminated from the home, saving dogs and people alike from the scourge of dealing with these pesky invaders.

If you believe you have Brown Dog Ticks in your home contact a Fast Action Pest Control technician immediately for a free inspection and fast results. Also you should vacuum often to suck up as many ticks and eggs that may be living in the carpet as possible and give your pets a thorough inspection to see if they have any ticks feeding on them. Clean out your pets bedding and give them a bath to reduce any chance of ticks traveling into the home on their backs.