Mosquitoes are such a pain and the Sacramento area is heavily entrenched in an endless war against them. Because the Sacramento valley is a natural marsh that continues to be one of the largest rice growers in the region, mosquitoes are abundant throughout the area and we are constantly developing new means of keeping them from pestering us.

This isn’t just because their bite is so annoying, mosquitoes carry many diseases that can be harmful or even deadly to humans such as West Nile, Malaria, and the rapidly spreading Zika Virus. Keeping mosquito populations down and preventing their bites is a major battle in pest control that has a direct impact on people’s safety and overall well being.

Traditional methods of mosquito control begin with prevention, which revolves around eliminating standing water where mosquitoes spawn and their larva live before turning into the flying pest we all despise. Where standing water can’t be prevented, mosquito fish can be supplied to eat the larva and additionally combat the pest situation as this draws mosquitoes away from other breeding sites to areas where their offspring will have little chance to survive.

Once mosquitoes reach maturity the next step in prevention is treatment with pesticides in areas where the rest or breed. Using fumigation to spray deep into bushes and other foliage where water can collect and mosquitoes shelter themselves can have a major impact on reducing mosquito populations around your home. To prevent bites spray yourself with deet or where long sleve clothing when out in the evening when mosquitoes are most active.

Now, the future of mosquito prevention is being developed at Johns Hopkins University where scientists are studying how the brains of mosquitoes process tastes and smells, in the hopes of identifying a way to make “human flavor” distasteful to mosquitoes. To achieve this scientists have been analyzing mosquitoes brain’s in an effort to isolate exactly what it is that drives them to target humans and other animals. Once the factor is discovered that explains what it is that motivates them it is believed that a spray can be developed that makes humans smell disgusting to mosquitoes so they will leave us alone.

If you are seeing an increase in mosquito activity and would like to have your home treated to prevent an increase in these pests, contact Fast Action Pest Control for a free inspection and fast results.