9 Tips for Preventing House Spiders in California

Every homeowner dreads dealing with a spider infestation. Click here for nine helpful tips for preventing house spiders in California.

9 Tips for Preventing House Spiders in California

Nobody wants eight-legged guests to run around their West Coast home, especially when they are trying to relax. House spiders in California are a real nuisance and can often hint at a larger infestation. How can you be sure you’ve gotten rid of them for good?

These nine tips will offer several strategies you can use to give you the best chance of preventing their entry. In following this guide, you will learn how to use effective and practical solutions to reclaim your space as your own. So, get started before the breeding season begins.


1. Ensure You Continue Home Maintenance


Part of spider prevention is as simple as ensuring the creatures have no way to enter your home in the first place. Take a walk around the building and look for any cracks or gaps that might exist in your home so you can seal them.

Use caulk or weather stripping to seal any gaps. You may also want to attach a “brush” to the bottom of doors or ensure you have no drafty spaces spiders can crawl through.

At the same time, a clean home that does not have piles of clutter is much less inviting to a spider. There is nowhere “safe” for them to hide, and no dark corners for them to sequester themselves in. Make sure you also vacuum often and perform regular cleaning, to remove webs.

Keeping spiders out of your house can sometimes be as simple as making it uncomfortable for them.


2. Natural Solutions Repel House Spiders in California


Spiders, as well as many other insects, do not enjoy the feeling of being around several strong smells. Use natural repellants to ensure they do not feel welcome in your home.

Some of the most effective options for this include herbal solutions and essential oils, of which there are many varieties. While these do not always work, they do offer the benefit of pleasant scents.


3. Opt For Professional Pest Control Solutions


If you end up with a persistent problem that does not respond to DIY methods, you might need to look into professional intervention. These experts can look for and treat areas where spiders might lurk, dealing with the issue and offering advice on how to keep the area pest-free.

Finding the best pest control in your area can be a hassle. Make sure to perform your due diligence to find one who will work with you to give you the best results.


4. Use Smart Landscape Management


The design of your garden landscape can help deter spiders. First, much like the use of natural repellant remedies, many plants can also perform the same job. They let off powerful chemicals that discourage the presence of insects and spiders.

At the same time, make sure you perform regular yard maintenance to get rid of anywhere the spiders might hide. Outdoor lighting can also help, as the creatures tend to prefer dark places.


5. Know Your Enemy


With so many types of spiders, even among the category of “house spiders”, it pays to know what you are dealing with.

Research the life cycle of these pests to work out their current stage of development and whether they are likely to breed soon. This could impact how fast you want to resolve the issue.

Also, look into contemporary myths regarding spiders to debunk some of your misconceptions. Learn a little more about these creatures and find out how you can take more effective action without wasting your time.


6. Seek Out Community Support


Collaborate with others in your local area. Share your experience and advice with your neighbors, and ask if any of them have any good tips too. You may find local solutions you did not expect, such as good local pest control organizations.


7. Schedule Regular Spider Inspections


If you have more than one spider issue, even after “dealing with them” the first time, it could be worth booking an inspection. Professionals can visit your home and inform you of actions you can take you may not have considered.

If you book several inspections throughout the year, you will also be able to stay ahead of the possibility of new infestations in the future.


8. Safeguard Your Pets


While you might want to protect your home from dangerous spiders, remember that any pest control might be a problem for others too.

When you start to remove spiders from some of the darker areas of the home, you may find them more visible in other areas temporarily.

Make sure you know how to recognize some of the more dangerous ones that might be in your home. These might include:

Also, learn what the bites might look like and what to do if you find one on yourself or a pet.


9. Find Effective DIY Solutions


You might not be ready to call in the professionals. If this is true, you will want to seek out some solutions you can put together yourself that either get rid of spiders or prevent their home entry.

First, you can use things such as sticky tape or sticky paper around your doors. These will cause any creatures that run across them to be unable to move further, trapping them. Check on these traps now and then, and replace them when they get full or are no longer effective.

Another option is to use shallow dishes filled with soapy water. Place them under night lights, and the spiders will be drawn to them and drown.

With all these traps, though, be aware it is not only spiders you might catch.


Bringing in the Experts


Preventing house spiders in California from entering your home does not need to be an overwhelming task. By following this advice, you should have everything you need to start the process and turn your house back into your home. If you are unsure about any of these steps, though, we can help.

Fast Action Pest Control is ready to offer 365-day protection and a fast response. So, get in contact today and book a free inspection to start the journey to a home you can feel comfortable in once more.