Pigeon Control, Pigeon Exclusion, Pigeon Treatment

Pigeon Treatment

Once it is determined that there are indeed pigeons on your roof or in your attic, Fast Action Pest Control technicians will recommend the appropriate form of bird control which may include trapping, poisoning or physical exclusion. After you’ve trapped the invading birds and removed them from the premises, our well-trained staff will assess any damage caused by the pigeon infestation. We understand that pigeons can cause significant structural damage by pecking away at woodwork and insulation materials as well as leaving behind large amounts of feces, compromising air quality and posing health risks to anyone living within the home. That’s why we take extra precautions in ensuring damaged areas are properly treated for disinfection after all birds have been successfully removed. We use specialized disinfectants specifically designed to neutralize bird droppings along with other bacteria associated with these nuisance animals and provide a safe environment for inhabitants once again.

Pigeon Exclusion

Pigeon Control, Pigeon Exclusion, Pigeon Treatment

Pigeon-related illness

The social behavior of pigeons has been studied quite extensively and is still being presented in the scientific community. Pigeons display flocking behavior, which is seen when they congregate together on buildings or other structures. It has also been found that pigeons can learn visual discrimination tasks; one study conducted at Cornell University showed that pigeons were able to differentiate between paintings by Monet and Picasso.[22][23] Additional research by Dr. B.F. Skinner demonstrated how trained pigeons were actually able to guide missiles in flight toward their target destination.

In spite of this, pigeon breeding is still a popular hobby. Pigeons are traditionally divided into seven major categories: tumblers, fantails, high-flyers, fancy pigeons (which come in several varieties), oriental frills, pouters, and racers with each variety exhibiting special traits such as long tails or colorful plumage. Breeders often select pairs based on the features they seek to create or improve upon within their flock.[22] Many people also enjoy keeping pet doves and racing their birds against those of other breeders in competitions throughout the world.

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Pigeon Control: How to Prevent Pigeons Overtaking Your Property

One or two pigeons aren’t too much trouble, but when suddenly dozens choose your property as their new home, uh-oh, you need pigeon control!

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