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Aphid Facts

Aphids, or plant louse, are a scourge on vegetation and can do massive damage to trees, flowers, and other garden plants. These tiny pests accumulate in large numbers on the plants they feed on and can destroy entire crops by damaging the plants and draining their sap. Some species of aphids can also transmit viral diseases between plants which can cause the plants to die even after the aphids themselves have been eliminated.


Aphid Treatment

Aphid Treatment

Aphids are a major pest for plants, especially in the spring and summer when their populations swell. Some minor infestations can be dealt with by physically removing the insects from your plants by hand or spraying the aphids off with water. This is often sufficient for treating small leafy garden plants, but for larger plants such as trees or bushes aphid populations need a lot more effort to keep under control. The best way to keep your trees and bushes safe from aphids is to inoculate them with a systemic root treatment that both fertilizes and strengthens the plants while making their sap indigestible so the insects will no longer be attracted to them. If your trees, bushes, or roses are being marred by aphids help them out by scheduling a free inspection with a Fast Action technician to improve your plant’s health and keep the pests away.

Aphid Prevention

You can prevent aphids from destroying your plants by using a number of methods:
  • Keep young plants covered to prevent damage when they are most fragile to aphid attack.
  • Spray plants with a garden hose every two or three days to knock down aphid populations.
  • Apply systemic root treatments to fortify plants and protect them from infestation.
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