Los Angeles vector control specialists are going door to door looking to stop the mosquito born vector Zika virus in its tracks. Amid rising temperatures and multiplying mosquito populations, Zika is expected to reach the continental United States within weeks.

Zika was first detected in Brazil last year and quickly spread through the Americas. The virus has been linked to a rare birth defect called Microcephaly which causes babies to be born with unusually small heads and impaired cognitive development. Zika has also been known to increase the spread of a rare autoimmune disease called guillain barré which causes temporary paralysis and nerve damage.

Wiping out mosquito breeding sources and educating the public are key. Mosquitoes breed in standing water which can collect in pots, clogged drains, unconditioned swimming pools, or even the leaves of bushes or other plants where water stays backed up. Be sure to empty any standing water and treat regularly for mosquitoes to prevent populations from growing and spreading disease.

Two cases of Zika have been reported in Yolo county, which is a hotbed for mosquito activity and research. It is unlikely that the disease was contracted here in the Sacramento area, but rather those infected transmitted the disease while traveling abroad. Zika can also be transmitted sexually or through blood transfusion so exercise precaution while traveling to countries where Zika is known to be present.

Zika alone isn’t a particularly troubling illness. For the majority of people infected there are no symptoms whatsoever. At its worst those affected may have cold like symptoms and a skin rash lasting about two weeks. The virus only becomes a serious problem for women who are pregnant as the disease can lead to serious birth defects. There is also a small percentage of the population who’s immune system has the potential to develop guillain barré which can cause temporary paralysis, though most people recover from this within a matter of weeks or months.

Now as Los Angeles and several other cities across the country brace for Zika on their shores experts are continuously monitoring their local mosquitoes for any signs, as well as warning residents to stock up on insect replant and mosquito nets. If you are being bothered by mosquitoes or are concerned that they may be breeding around your home, contact Fast Action Pest Control for a free inspection and fast results.