Flea Control

Flea close up

Flea Facts

Fleas are most often associated with pets like dogs and cats, however they are more than just a pet problem. Fleas are commonly found outside living in the lawn where they jump onto their unsuspecting host and get carried inside. Fleas can be transmitted to humans quite easily where they feed on blood and leave painful itchy bites. What makes fleas so potentially dangerous is that because they feed on blood that means that if they bite an animal that is infected with a blood-born disease, that can be transmitted to whomever or whatever else they bite.

Flea in hair

Flea Treatment

Fleas are tiny and excellent at hiding which means it’s important to understand their behavior in order to find and eliminate them. Many over the counter flea control solutions such as foggers or sprays claim to remove all of the fleas from your home, though it’s our experience that these removal methods may not completely eliminate the infestation from your home because they kill only the adults but do little to deal effectively with the unborn eggs and larvae. Successful flea treatment requires a multi staged approach that combats fleas at every part of their life cycle. It’s also important to treat the source of the flea problem so as to prevent future infestations from reoccurring.

Flea Prevention

You can prevent fleas from entering your home by using a number of methods:
  • Vacuum often
  • Wash or replace pet bedding
  • Treat pets for fleas
  • Clean and treat pet resting places
Dog with fleas
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