Pigeon Control: How to Prevent Pigeons Overtaking Your Property

One or two pigeons aren’t too much trouble, but when suddenly dozens choose your property as their new home, uh-oh, you need pigeon control!

pigeon control

Imagine stepping out of your California building on a quiet morning, only to find a flock of pigeons has made your property their new home. Getting pigeon control right is crucial for protecting both your property and your health. So, would you like to know how to get rid of these winged pests?

The following guide will help you understand why pigeons might have appeared on your property and what causes them to stay. We will also offer effective and legal solutions to keep them at bay, allowing you to reclaim your space from these feathered invaders. So, read on to learn more about the steps you can take before you engage with the professionals.


Learning Why Pigeons Choose Your Property


Pigeons are simple creatures. They are often drawn to areas that offer easy access to their basic needs, such as food, water, and shelter. Thus, investigate your property to determine if it provides these elements. If it does, you can begin to develop repellant strategies.

Look for perches. Buildings that have lots of opportunities for pigeon roosting will help them settle in. This includes ledges, rooftops, and other flat surfaces.

Find food sources. Pigeons prefer properties close to food such as open garbage cans, pet food bowls, or gardens with natural food sources.

Search for water availability. Birdbaths, fountains, or even leaky fixtures offer water that pigeons need to survive. Even puddles that remain for a long time can offer them a source of hydration.


Understanding Pigeon Behavior: A Key to Pigeon Control


It is important to understand that pigeons are strong homing creatures. They will often return to the same location repeatedly, even if you attempt to relocate them. For this reason, they have seen use throughout history to deliver messages, but in modern times it can cause them to be repeat pests.

As the creatures are rapid breeders, this can mean many generations of pigeons will return to roost in your building. You may need to be vigilant in how you deal with them or engage with a professional service to help rid you of them for good.


Conducting Regular Checks of the Location


Make sure you inspect your building to look for signs of pigeon inhabitation. Do this monthly and monitor for signs of pigeon activity. If you do not, they may start to consider the location safe for roosting.

First of all, check for property damage. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic. This can cause significant damage to your building, necessitating costly repairs.

Another reason you want to be vigilant is that pigeon droppings can cause damage to vehicles outside your building. If you have regular visits from clients, this can cause you to develop a bad reputation.

You also want to look for blocked drains and gutters. As pigeon nesting material can start to clog these, it acts as both a sign of their existence and a potential source of water damage. In some cases, they can even pass diseases to those who handle the water.


What If You Find Pigeons


First off, clean the area. This reduces the likelihood of droppings or nesting material causing damage to your building. At the same time, make sure no food sources are open or available, to make the location less appealing to the birds.

You can use techniques such as loud noises or water sprays to get rid of pigeons if they are already roosting. These are among the more humane methods, as you are not allowed to harm the birds in California.

If possible, install physical barriers to prevent the pigeons from roosting. On locations such as rooftops, look into whether you can use spikes to discourage the pigeons from landing. Using reflective tapes or discs can also deter pigeons as they do not like the movement when they try to land.

If you are unsure what to use, or if this does not prevent them from roosting, it may be time to call in a Californian professional. They are likely to have much more robust solutions, as well as know where to source them.


Evaluating Pigeon Repellant Products


Familiarize yourself with the various types of repellants available. These include sprays, gels, electronic devices, and natural deterrents. Many are available for purchase from specialist shops or professional pest control services.

Look into reviews of each of these. Many have different traits making them more useful in different areas, or may be safer for children and pets. As such, ensure you get one that is appropriate for your building.


Exploring DIY Pigeon Repellant Solutions


Pigeons and many other pests are not big fans of very strong odors. Consider using peppermint oil, chili powder, or vinegar as deterrents. Mix these with water and spray it around the property to try to discourage the pests from returning.

You may want to also install the aforementioned reflective surfaces and barriers using DIY solutions. Old CDs or flat aluminum foil may act as a deterrent, and you can buy several types of netting to install yourself to prevent entry.


Legal Considerations of Pigeon Pest Control


Before you start taking action, make sure you understand the laws in California related to pigeon control and the methods you can use. You will need to ensure any actions you take use follow local animal welfare laws.

If you investigate pigeon trapping, for example, or using specific repellents, you may even find you need to gather a permit. This will prevent you from falling foul of regulations.

If you use a local pest control service, though, you can have the assurance that they have both the experience and permits needed to do the job.


Professional Pigeon Control Methods in California


This guide should have inspired you in the best ways to start your fight against persistent birds on your property. Pigeon control is not always easy, though, and you might lack the time or experience to handle it yourself. This is where Fast Action Pest Control can help.

We offer expert services throughout California, providing tailored solutions to any situation. Take the first step toward a pigeon-free home by contacting Fast Action Pest Control and learning more about what we offer. Let’s work together to secure your property from aerial invasion today.